Lombard Traffic Violation Attorney

Just because you’ve been charged with a traffic violation, it doesn’t mean you will be guilty. There are many times, the evidence against you can be challenged and defeated with a knowledgeable and even experienced traffic violation attorney like Dennis Harrison representing you. Dennis Harrison can help your case get reduced or dismissal of some or all of your specific traffic violation charges. Next time you need a traffic violation attorney in the area of Lombard, think no further than Dennis Harrison, Attorney at Law. Dennis Harrison has over 25 years of practicing law. He has participated and won many traffic violation trials at all levels from misdemeanors to felonies over the course of his career. What sets Dennis Harrison apart from other traffic violation attorneys in the Lombard area are his excellent and resourceful investigative skills, which came from his previous career in law enforcement. Aiding in the preparing and developing of a traffic violation case, no matter what the ticket is how his investigative skills help a case. Traffic violations are not a cheap consequence. They may even result in having to miss work, incur significant fines, losing some or all of driving privileges, and having to pay an increase in insurance rates. Dennis Harrison has recently been able to help an increased number of Lombard drivers with their various traffic violation charges and he can help you with yours!

Lombard Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Lombard, Illinois is located 22 miles west of downtown Chicago in DuPage County. Lombard is a beautiful neighborhood home to over 42,000 residents. Each year this number continues to grow due to Lombard’s convenient location. Since 1930, Lombard has hosted a yearly Lilac Festival and parade in the month of May. It is called, “Lilac Time in Lombard,” which is a 16-day festival that ends about the middle of May. Because of all the nearby parks, zoos and museums gave Dennis Harrison, Attorney at Law reason to be located in the area of Lombard. Lately, there seems to be an increased amount of Lombard drivers receiving traffic tickets. Dennis Harrison decided to be located near Lombard because of the growing need for a traffic violation attorney. Luckily for Lombard drivers, Dennis Harrison specializes in traffic ticket representation. With good representation these traffic tickets are often avoidable. He has successfully assisted quite a bit of Lombard drivers dismiss their unjust traffic tickets; as each day passes, he helps even more people. Lombard drivers know to give Dennis Harrison, Attorney at Law a call right away if they receive an unjust traffic ticket. It is because they know he gets traffic tickets dismissed, where other attorneys may not have been so successful!

Lombard Traffic Violation Attorney

Dennis Harrison, Attorney at Law is extremely versatile in all parts of the Illinois traffic law; especially knowing the representation process for a person who is unlawfully convicted of a traffic ticket, and also knowing all of the traffic laws that led to the conviction. Dennis Harrison can help you regardless of the type of traffic ticket you received. He represents all forms of traffic violations, from speeding tickets as well as red light violations to driving on a suspended license and also driving without insurance violations. So, the next time you need to obtain an experienced Lombard traffic violation attorney, pick-up the phone and give Dennis Harrison a call as soon as you can. It will be reassuring to know that having an experienced attorney who knows how to get your case reviewed and dismissed is available to assist you. Phone us right now to find out more about how Dennis Harrison can help to take care of your traffic tickets!

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