Juvenile Matters

If your son or daughter is charged with a juvenile offense, Dennis A. Harrison can help to protect your child’s constitutional rights.  If the evidence supports the states case, particularly when the charge is a first-time offense, Attorney Harrison will attempt to negotiate a plea agreement prior to trial. In this plea agreement, some or all of the charges against your child can be dropped or significantly reduced.  If plea negotiations fail, or if the minor is a repeat offender, the case could go to trial. As an experienced litigator, Dennis A. Harrison can ensure your child’s legal rights are upheld. This includes ensuring all evidence against him or her is relevant and has been obtained legally.

Naperville Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Generally speaking, crimes committed by individuals under the age of seventeen do not become part of that individual’s permanent record.  However, depending upon the offense, the State may be able to prosecute your child as an adult.  If the State chooses to do so, and is successful, a criminal record will exist, not to mention the other penalties that could flow from an adult conviction.  Attorney Harrison will work to prevent the State’s efforts to prosecute your child as an adult.  And, even if the State voluntarily keeps the matter in juvenile court, Dennis A. Harrison will help to ensure the best possible result.  Any person under the age of 17 who has been charged as an adult with a criminal offense must by law secure the representation of a attorney.

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