Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is the unlawful physical or psychological harm to an intimate partner, family or household member. or a person with whom you have a domestic relationship.  Domestic Violence is a crime in Illinois, and if you have been charged with Domestic Violence or Domestic Battery, you are going to require the professional help of an attorney with the expertise that Dennis A. Harrison has, who is well acquainted with defending clients who have been charged.

Downers Grove Domestic Assault Lawyer

A Domestic Violence charge can have lasting consequences and affect you and your domestic relationships for years to come.  You are going to need a highly-skilled and experienced defense attorney such as Dennis A. Harrison in your corner to defend you against the charges and aid you in obtaining the most favorable results feasible.  Domestic Violence arrests can negatively impact your custody and visitation rights in dissolution or parenting matters.  This is why you are going to want to make an appointment with Dennis A. Harrison immediately to achieve the best resolution possible.

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