Post Decree

When the health, employment, or living situation of a parent changes, it often affects their ability to adhere to the terms of their divorce settlement.   Since the terms of a divorce are binding on both parties, it’s essential that the court note any changes in income, health, or employment that impacts your ability to adhere to the terms of your divorce.  In order to avoid a contempt proceeding, the loss of the custody or your children, even garnished wages, obtaining a court-sanctioned modification of your divorce settlement is essential. Dennis A. Harrison prepares all necessary paperwork and information in support or his client’s request for a child custody or child support modification.  When necessary, he works with accountants, child psychologists, and other experts in providing support for his client’s motion.

Wheaton Post Decree Attorney

Avoid legal complications and unnecessary stress and worry – Dennis A. Harrison  can work with you to seek a smooth modification to your spousal support, child support or child custody and parenting time obligations.  In the event there is a “substantial change in circumstances” and they are considered to be “significant, material, permanent and involuntary,” they can be considered.

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