The first consultation with a lawyer is quite often the most difficult step.  But, it is also just as often the most important step to take to make the decisions necessary for your future and the future of your family.  Making the decision to end a marriage is an emotionally-trying event.  Attorney Dennis A. Harrison can help you to defuse some of the emotion and find options that will help protect your long-term interests, regardless of whether you are the one suing for divorce or being sued.  Once you make a commitment to end the relationship, issues to consider include: finding the best parenting arrangement for the emotional and financial interests of any children involved, ensuring an equitable division of possessions and assets, and obtaining a timely resolution of the divorce.

Naperville Divorce Attorney

Dennis A, Harrison provides caring, compassionate and sensible advice to his clients who are experiencing marital difficulties and are contemplating, or going through, a breakup.  His representation in negotiations and contested proceedings is designed to get the optimal result for his clients with the least difficulty and expense.  He has considerable experience representing husbands and wives, young and old, with and without minor children, with and without large marital estates and/or incomes, so if you have decided to end your marriage, you are probably feeling a great deal of animosity toward your spouse right now.  Attorney Dennis A. Harrison will help you take a step back and think about what is important to you and your future.  The goal is to get you through the divorce process and obtain a favorable result for you, and resolve the issues in your divorce.

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